Fitz, MVS, or Shepard?

Standard League with D-Hop and John Brown on bye. Need to choose 2 out of the following 3:

Fitzgerald (vs KC)
MVS (v Miami)
Sterling Shepard (v. SF)

Bonus Question - Sit/Start RB (2 out of the following):

Mike Davis - if Chris Carson is out (v. LAR)
Matt Breida (v. NYG)
Sony Michel (v. TEN)
Aaron Jones (v. Miami)


Mvs is a start. Fitz is the floor, shepherd the ceiling.

Aaron Jones is a start.
Second pick. Davis if Carson sits. If not I would go breida but it’s close between Sony.

Very helpful and where I was leaning too. Cam was my QB and even with 6 pt TD only put up ~18 for me. I’m playing the highest scoring team in my league who has Mahomes and Kamara, so I’m thinking I need the big play from Shepard if I want to have a shot at winning. If I lose, I may get bumped from the 5th seed of the playoffs. High stakes for sure.

Yea dude go shepherd. I’m a Davis owner and have to decide between him and kerryon. I’m hoping Carson sits. But I might play Davis over Kerryon even if Carson plays. Breida is risky too so be careful. But honestly Sony and breida are equals plays to me.

Oh man, here’s to hoping Carson sits! I was able to snag Davis off the waiver knowing that my opponent (my wife) was eyeballing him too lol. I’m really hoping Carson sits since I don’t feel good about Breida or Michel at all.

I fortunately have Barkley for my other RB start and am hoping for big games from everyone. Hopefully we’ll both benefit from a full Davis workload!

Yea I actually picked up Davis last week because my opponent had Carson.

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