Fitz or Cooper Kupp

12 team half PPR. Should I go with Fitzgerald or Cooper Kupp? My other starting WR is Tyreek Hill. My starting RB’s are Fournette and Devonta Freeman. I want to go Kupp because I think the game could be a blowout in favor of the Rams. With Kupp getting so many targets and looking like the red zone guy I really want to play him. But on the flip side, Fitz is the only guy in Arizona and if they are playing from behind he should he plenty of targets.


Jared Cook did really well against the rams from the slot last week and that is where Fitz plays. But Fitz always has really bad home/road splits. So I’m leaning Kupp just because they target him so much in the red zone that I could see him grabbing one or two TDS this game especially against a bad AZ defense.

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Yeah I’d go with Kupp. I think he’s got a lot of upside this week and Fitz has a lot of downside.

Yeah I’m really leaning towards Kupp. I knew about Fitz’s bad splits. As far as the slot thing goes, Cook did do well but hes also a TE. I feel like they would put either Peters or Talib on Fitz even if they aren’t normally slot CB’s given the fact he’s is by far the biggest WR threat.

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The AZ player I can see doing well this week is DJ or RSJ