Fitz or Cooper ROS?

Who do you guys like ROS?

Right now I lean Fitz due to likely game scripts and overall necessity to the offense, but he has some tough matchups coming up and its hard to tell what his production with Gabbert will be like right now.

Cooper definitely has a higher ceiling and pretty good schedule ROS, but the boom/bust potential is tough to depend on.

Any insight is welcome, thanks!

This is a tough one. I actually liked Fitz with Stanton because he was hyper targeted. We are yet to see if that will be the case with Gabbert. That being said if there is any kind of ppr involved I think I want Fitz. he just seems so safe and matchup proof. I think you will feel more comfortable sticking him in your lineup on a weekly basis.

Basically my thoughts as well.
It is a .5PPR