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Fitz or Ingram?


Which would you rather have rest of season? Full PPR
Fitz is a machine in ppr but he has faced a pretty easy schedule and it gets pretty bad the second half of season, plus he just lost his quarterback.
Ingram has really picked it up but sean payton seems to hate ingram and the looming threat of kamara worries me


Ingram is a much better choice for ROS he is on a great offense and Fitz value has dropped a tier or two I would much rather have Ingram even if he has a timeshare with Kamara he will get plenty of touches that they both will be Fantasy Relevant


Should have a better idea in a week but right now my gut tells me Ingram. Still getting over 22 carries so he’s pretty reliable. WRs worry me when they lose their QB. Fitz is good but he’s not in his prime anymore and I doubt his performance a little with out a QB he’s played so long with. Plus DJ is out so the offense won’t draw the defense forward to open up WRs as much.


Agree with the above. Get into those flames of Ingram, fitz’s ranking is largely based on 2 big games. At least Ingram will always have that baseline