Fitz or Jordy ROS?

After both losing their QBs, who has the best outlook rest of season? Fitzgerald or Jordy? I am looking to trade for AB and am considering giving away one of these two in a package deal so any inout helps.


I would still lean Jordy, but if I was an AB owner I wouldn’t accept either of these two in a deal as I don’t think they have much upside at all

Yeahhh I’m struggling to find an angle. Plus the guy is 8-0 in our league. Don’t want to force it, but I know there is a good trade in here for me somewhere. Asking for a friend… Maybe I try for Gronk? Or Am I good? haha

His Lineup:
QBS: Wentz, Carr, Watson (RIP)
RBS: Hunt, Miller, McCaffrey, McKinnon, Breida
WRS: AB, Garcon (RIP) Hogan, Stills
TE: Gronk
D: Cardinals

My Lineup:
QBS: Cousins, Goff
RBS: Ingram, Martin, Murray, Forte, Woodhead
WRS: Crabtree, Jordy, Fitz, Fuller, Marvin Jones, Juju Smith-Shuster
D: Sacksonville and Seattle

Also, 10 team PPR format

I would offer Fuller, Murray, and Forte for Gronk and McKinnon maybe. Maybe include ASJ in there as well. Forte just had a huge night, Fuller will fall off. I love McCaffery too. Your WR have taken a big hit with Rodgers and Watson going down. I would also suggest dropping Seattle and finding another player. Jax has a nice schedule down the stretch

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Yeah dude, Rodgers, then Palmer then Watson… I can’t win haha but thanks for the input! I think thats a pretty good idea going for gronk.