Fitz or JuJu?

Start Fitz (high floor, low ceiling, Gabbert under center) or JuJu (low floor, high ceiling, Big Ben at home). I’ve got AJ and Shepard as my other WRs, so interested in opinions to bench either of them for JuJu. PPR. Thanks!

If this game wasn’t Thursday I would say Schuster just for the high upside. But I really don’t like TNF from Fantasy perspective and personally try to avoid them if I can. Shepard is probably a safe PPR bet and AJ is too good to bench even against Denver.

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I’m playing juju over fitz. Pittsburgh at home is hard to want to sit him.

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I’m having a similar dilemma I want to start juju but I have Evans & Shepard maybe JUJu as a flex consideration maybe? but I’m also overstocked with solid running back’s currently I have Fournett in my flex position. I think I have to bench JuJu due to it being.a Thursday night game and Evans and Sheppard being tough not to start. What do you guys think am I looking at this right?

Yup I have three wr in my league and a flex your situation looks fine