Fitz or Thielen 3rd Round/3rd Pick

Drafting in a 10 Team PPR… 1st pick was L.Bell, 2nd was C.McCaffery…looking at WR’s in tier 2…I have Fitz and Thielen to choose from…would I be crazy to take Mckinnon whose still out there for 3 RB’s in a row? I’m just surprised he’s still there in the 3rd round… I have a 4 hour timer in this league so I have time to choose.

Yes, I think that would be crazy. Honestly, I think thats a solid round and a half to two rounds before he should be going. I’d much, much rather have either WR, and likely a couple of RBs still on the board. In PPR, I’d take Fitz, but you can’t go wrong either way.

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Yeah I’m really leaning towards Fitz…but Thielen and the addition of Cousins at QB keeps tossing it up for me…damn these decisions!

Being PPR I KNOW what I’m getting with Fitz. I think thielen has the higher ceiling between those two, but I’ll say this. Go FItz you know what you’re getting. You know what Mckinnon feels like? It feels like when Toby Gerhart went to the jags a couple years ago. He was traded based on hype not actual ability. I am not a McKinnon believer what so ever. But then again I bit on on Toby that year and I am very skeptical when it comes to thinking that a guy that has never shown me anything will go to a different team and just blow up after 4 yrs.

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Thanks for the input fellas!..much appreciated…I’m going with Fitz.

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Certainly close, I have thielen just ahead of Fitz, but really comes down to preference there. Would not go RB there, but because I wouldn’t feel confident with choices I be facing in regards to my WR#1 mid-late 4th round. On another note while I don’t think McKinnon is going to be a beast, he is a talented receiving RB in the Shannon offense. The same one that quietly made Carlos Hyde RB #9 in PPR last year. I personally think McKinnon is value in the 3rd, and would problaly take him at the end of 2nd in some situations,

We’d defs woould have gone the younger thielen w/ a 30+ million dollar arm slinging in Minny.

I like Thielen myself, and it’s mainly because of quarterback play. That offensive line for the Cardinals and Sam Bradford’s gimpy knee is something that could affect Fitz’s bottom line. If all goes well for them your decision to go with Fitz should be fine.

I’d go Theilen. I’ve seen Fitz fall a few times this draft season. You could probably get him in the 4th. If you can start your draft Bell, CMC, Thielen, Fitz, that’s a nice looking core. Each guy could potentially be top 10 at their position.

This is/was a No Brainer!