Fitz, Stafford or Eli

Hey guys,

I’m super nervous about Fitz and Stafford’s matchups going up against Chicago and Dallas respectively. Andy suggested Eli as the start of the week even though he has him ranked below these guys. I’m favored to win by 10, but still kind of feel better about Eli than the other two.

I also have a fear that if Fitz blows in the 1st half they’ll throw Winston in there.

What should I do?


If I’m you, I’m rolling with Stafford. IMO, Fitz has a larger deviation in his scores. Stafford is seeing Dallas who is missing Lee. I like that matchup.

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Playing Eli out of those personally. Did fine vs HOU last week and NO defense has allowed 2 40pt QBs in 2 weeks and just lost their starting slot CB. They have an okay pass rush but I’m willing to bet they just get carved up by OBJ/Shep/Barkley in the short passing game with either Shep/OBJ taking one of those to the house.

Also has the highest O/U total on the day at 51.5

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I dropped Stafford for Eli this week.

Saints against the QB is has been atrocious.