Fitz/Thompson/Tyrell for Ajayi/Engram/DeSean?

Seeking input on a trade offer. MY Larry Fitzgerald, Chris Thompson & Tyrell Williams, for HIS Jay Ajayi, Evan Engram, and DeSean Jackson. (Half point PPR redraft league; 2 WR, 2 RB and 2 FLEX positions)

I am leaning toward taking it because 1) I’m expecting a decline for Larry Fitz due to the Palmer injury, and 2) my TE (Delanie Walker) is hurt and it’s a deep league there is NOBODY decent at that position on the waivers.

My other RBs are Gurley, Martin, Crowell, Bernard. My other WRs are Antonio Brown, DeMaryius, Lockett, Eric Decker. My record is 4-4.