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Fitzgerald and Riddick for David Johnson and Tyrell Williams?


I was just proposed this trade in my league of record (full PPR) and am seriously considering it. My team is currently first in the league, fitz is my flex spot player (Crabtree and Alshon at WR, Hunt and Crow at RB) and I have a good amount of RB depth behind Riddick (Abdullah, Gore, Duke Johnson, Fat Rob). I figure my team will be able to withstand victories and likely still make the playoffs even with DJ burning a bench spot (7 spots in this league). Should I go for it?


What other WR do you have? I would lean yes if you had a strong group, or had a strong guy you could snag off of waivers.


Other WRs are Beasles and Higgins, and Golliday/Britt are also still on waivers if I want him over those two. The final roster would be:

QB - Russ Wilson
RBs - Hunt, Crow, DJ, Fat Rob, Abdullah, Gore, Duke Johnson
WRs - Crabtree, Alshon, T. Williams, Beasles/Higgins/Golliday/Britt (pick 2)
TE - Ertz