Fitzgerald for Chris Carson?

RBs are a little weak: gurley, bell, ty Montgomery, Malcolm brown and I’m pretty deep in receivers: Fitz, Kupp, Godwin, Mike will, Tyrell will (only a 2 wr league) full ppr

Should I do it?

Please help guys!!

Pound for pound, I think Larry will be the better of the two. With that’s said, if you need another RB, then you gotta do what you gotta do.

Carson is a buy low player. He could rebound and be totally worth it.

IMO, if you don’t think you’ll ever use Larry and Carson is the best you can get, I’d go for it.

Currently fitz is in my starting lineup as he’s my best flex (prefer him over ty will and mike will) I don’t mind my RBs bell and gurley the problem is I don’t have any other starters after them and gurley scares me with his workload. I see your point though and I agree fitz will probably be the better in the end that’s why I’m struggling making a decision