Fitzgerald in Week 3?

I’m getting more and more worried about Larry Fitz against the Bears this week. Between Mack rushing the young quarterback, the possible quarterback change (or continued use of Bradford), and higher usage of David Johnson, I’m actually nervous enough that I’m considering benching Fitz in favor of Corey Davis against Jacksonville in one league and even going so far as to seek the possible upside of Antonio Callaway in another.

Am I crazy?

For reference, my WRs in one league (full point PPR) are Fitz, Davis, Sanders, Keelan Cole, Allison, and Mike Williams.

In the other league (half PPR, dynasty), they are Adams, Fitz, Davis, Lockett, Callaway, Westbrook, Allison, Gallup, and Boyd.

Both leagues are 3WR and 1 Flex.

I have Fitzgerald as well and the best solution to this is to bench him vs Bears who are aggressive top 5 defense right now. Also, bench him next week as well. Look at how the new QB targets him first before you put him back in the roster. Sam Bradford sucks and hopefully Rosen will change that. But it wont happen until week 4 if they use him.

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I would start Cole this week. But Id still play fitz over Davis this week.
Sanders, Cole, Fitz, Davis

Other league Id go

Adams, Fitz, Davis. Allison

I still think Larry Fitz has a safe floor. He had 10 targets Week 1 and 5 targets in just one half against the Rams.

I think you can safely expect a floor of 10 targets, 7 catches for 60 yards and a ceiling of 10 targets for 8 catches 100 yards and a TD.