Sad days. I gambled on Bradford’s previous passing success and went in on Fitz in the first couple rounds of drafting, thinking I nabbed a strong WR #2.

We all know what’s happened since draft day.

Hopelessly filling a bench spot, I officially cut him this morning. That sucked, but I really have no more hope for his season honestly. I wish I dropped him earlier for Lockett. Lockett was taken, so I grabbed Olsen just in case he blows up because why not.

Anyone else had to painfully deal with this situation? How did you/will you deal with it?

It wasn’t painful at all. It was like a breath of fresh air. I also saw it happen this week in my other leagues.


Ha, very fair. It was a breath of fresh air for me too. I just didn’t want it to come to this, I spent such a high pick on him and I’m looking at the other picks available at the time that are dominating. Oh well, so it goes!

I had the same struggle this morning. I also had spent an early (ish) pick on Chris Hogan. However; as of this morning, I am officially free of both Hogan and Fitzgerald. Feel stupid for drafting both of them in the middle rounds.

I dropped Fitz for Keke Coutee, and I’m much more excited about his potential upside than waiting on Larry to give you a double digit fantasy day. Given they’d both be on my bench most the time anyway- it’s nice to not feel handcuffed by the “fitzgerald name” anymore.