Fitzmagic or Big Ben

Playing against the top score in the league and I’m the 2nd highest scoring team. He’s averaging 11 pts a week more than I. Who has the biggest upside between these two?

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I’m having the same issue. I posted about this question. I think Big Ben is going to have safer floor. There is a possibility fitz has a poor game. So I’d say if you want a safer performance go Big Ben. Ben also has upside too.

So tough to not start Fitz. Like they said on the podcasy, He’s had 1 bad game. Other than that, he scoring 25+ points no problem

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I’ve got them as my QBs in one of my leagues.
I am starting Fitz. while tonight is projected to be a shootout, pitsburgh is still much more of a balanced offense than TBay who like to chuck it.
Also even as a Bucs fan i gotta admit were gunna struggle to contain AP, and gunna be playing catch-up giving Magic all the more opprotunity to throw deep


Here’s what I’m dealing with. Big Ben on my bench and just picked up Maurice Harris. Likely stick him in instead of Davis? Playing against the #1 team. I’m 2nd in terms of scoring

My only concern with fitz is the risk and gamescript . Between interceptions and gamescriptI’m still torn on the start I just think there is a world where redskins move the ball with ap slowing down the game and leaving less time for fitz. I’m just leaning Ben with the safer floor and same chance for upside.

I would play Harris over davis.

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I honestly think I’d go Big Ben. Fitz’s ceiling may be higher but I think Big Ben has a higher chance of hitting his ceiling. Think it’s going to be a shootout tonight and I’m not so sure I have complete confidence in Fitz going up against Washington’s D.

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Hope everyone started there Big Ben

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Hell yeah!