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Five WRs same ADP range (Dynasty PPR)


Who would you take? All five players are going around the same ADP:

Randall Cobb GB WR
Corey Coleman CLE WR
Stefon Diggs MIN WR
Terrelle Pryor WSH WR
Tyreek Hill KC WR

Give a quick reason why. All five players ~ round 5 according to fantasyfootballcalculator.com adp


Here’s my thoughts for each player

Cobb: Obviously great offense but hasn’t produced as well as he should have in the last few years due to injury. Plus Adams has come on the scene as a good WR2.

Coleman: He’s young and showed flashes of talent before his injury. But it’s the Browns. But he does have the potential to be the #1 target there.

Diggs: Never played a full season but the talent is clearly there. But his QB situation is suspect.

Pryor: His move to Washington will probably be a whole lot better if it wasn’t for the team already having Reed and Crowder to take some targets away.

Hill: I mean come on, he’s called “the freak.” But we all know how boring Alex Smith can be. But he’s young and has huge talent.

In the end, I think I’d go with Tyreek the freak. He’s the youngest of the bunch so he should produce for your team for a several years and Andy Reid has talked about how he wants to get him more snaps this year.


I wonder if we are overdrafting for that stretch of good games a few seasons ago?..

Coleman is actually the youngest player on the list. Wonder if it maybe takes him awhile to get his mind right to be in the NFL

Diggs is actually my favorite in the group. Same age range as Tyreek.

Pryor huge upside in the WSH offense with Cousins.

Hill upside connected to big play potential.


What is your roster construction to this point?

Due you need a home run hitter, player with a high floor?

I would say cobb has the highest floor because of his offense and has had solid production (minus the MIA Jordy season)

I think its a toss up between pryor and Hill for the home run hitter role.

My choice would come down to Diggs or Pryor. If Washingtons staff has history of coaching up WR’s (I have no clue) I go Pryor if not I go diggs.

Hope that helps


I like Tyreek Hill or Corey Coleman since it’s dynasty. My preference is probably Hill.


My thoughts on each, depending on your situation:

Randall Cobb - I like Cobb if you need a high floor WR2 because your WR1 and WR3/4 are risky. He’ll get you points, but his ceiling is limited with a healthy Jordy playing.
Corey Coleman - I like Coleman as a flex option, but I wouldn’t want to rely on him every week.
Stefon Diggs - With the amount of investment going to RBs in MIN and the emergence of Thielen, I don’t like Diggs much at all. I’d only take him if an absolute steal.
Terrelle Pryor - I like Pryor a LOT if you have a solid WR1 and another WR2 option - just in case. His ceiling is the moon. Look at his Twitter for pictures of him standing next to Antonio Brown, Randy Moss… and Jamison Crowder. One of those people is not built like a WR1. The job in WAS is Pryor’s for the taking.
Tyreek Hill - I like Hill as a flex option. Opportunity will be there, but so will top corner backs, defensive game plans, a year of tape and an assumption of TD regression. Also, KC didn’t WANT to make Hill their WR1. They screwed up their money situation and the GM got fired for it. I also imagine Hunt getting some carries which would take away opportunities for Hill’s gadget play stuff.

EDIT: didn’t see that it was dynasty PPR! oops. With that in mind, Pryor is even more interesting, and Coleman is wayyy more interesting - but Pryor is still my favorite option here. I imagine 2016 will go down as Tyreek’s best statistical year, so he doesn’t change for me much. Cobb also goes up since Jordy is about to file for social security.



RyanBlack I like your analysis.

For your Diggs synopsis couldn’t they be investing in RBs to:

1: round out the offense. No QB on their roster is going to beat you slinging the ball. Setting up the play action to open up throwing lanes and down field opportunities.
2: They just let a generational folk hero (AP) walk out the door and the fan base I would imagine isnt thrilled about that, so they are trying to find another playmaker to put in the backfield to help ease that pain.

What you think?


Diggs is tough for me. I’m not confident either way on him. And I’m having trouble predicting how MIN will be this year.

Both of your points make total sense. They need the running game to open up the passing game. And they had to replace AP with some sort of name to make fans happy.

I worry that Latavius won’t get the ypc to allow for MIN to open up the passing game though. And if they switch, they are relying on a rookie RB behind a terrible offensive line. Even though I like cook, it’s a bad situation. In the end, with the limited knowledge I have now, I would stay away from Diggs. But totally possible that I’m completely wrong. MIN is all situational. I could be swayed into liking Diggs though.


It is actually just a question on value. Getting folks talking about players.

I think Cobbs actually has a limited floor. He is in a good offense but targets might be limited with Jordy and IF Adams continues to develop.

Harmon’s right up on Hill made me slightly more comfortable on him being more than just Patterson 2.0.


In PPR Cobb wasn’t even a WR3 last year. People seem to continue to value him on his 2014 numbers. If I’m drafting RND5 I go with most of these WRs over Cobb.

Coleman is probably the best long term play but the QB question makes it tough. He was a highly regarded WR coming out of Baylor and while healthy looked good last season.

I don’t understand your RB complaint about MIN. AP was going to cost a ridiculous amount of money and as a RB was past his prime years. They drafted a RB and signed Murray. This does not signal a fundamental shift in their offense. Pat Shurmur taking over as coach and his teams have traditionally favored the pass (except his years with Chip Kelly).

Pryor is such a physically gifted WR I like him being in WSH with Cousins.

Very few people understand that the cutting of Maclin didnt mean the team sees Hill as the WR1. Like you said their cap is in terrible shape.

Good points!


Yea I’m really not confident in my stances on MIN. So many variables. Bad line. Two new RBs. Thielen vs. Diggs. QB questions, last in rushing yards last year.

Perhaps a better stat to consider would be Bradford’s league leading 72% completion percentage and Stephen Digg’s 76% catch rate. A regression is likely unless the target share increases drastically. Again though, I think MIN is super tough to predict in 2017.


Yea Bradford was surprisingly good when you look at his advanced stats. I am a fan of Diggs and Pryor the most out of this group.