Fix my team

10 team Full PPR SuperFlex

QB: Brady & Bridgewater
RB: Mixon / CEH / Javonte Williams / Eli Mitchell
WR: Lamb, Terry, Arob, Diontae, Higgins, Aiyuk, Chark
TE: Gronk & Pitts

My RBs need help, desperately. Pretty deep at wideout and got two good trade pieces with Gronk and Pitts. Any idea on the kind of direction / trade ideas I should do to upgrade at RB?

Trade Gronk and ARob for an RB. Find a team with a need at both positions and who might have extra RBs.


Seeing as you have more depth at WR I’d start trying to trade away some of the wrs you dont think you’d ever start that still hold value and see who you could package them with, probably keep Gronk over Pitts in my opinion but try maybe 2wr and pitts for some depth at rb? maybe just one wr and pitts to start feeling out the trade environment

Piggybacking off what you said, Mike makes a good point if you’re deep at wr then someone is shallow there find them and see what they’re thinking trade wise

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What about either Gronk/Pitts and CEH for Antonio Gibson? Good return?

I think so. But start higher and work down to that.

Try for Saquon / Zeke / Swift over Gibson? Its tough cuz the higher ranked guys are on teams that arent totally TE needy

uhhhh, idk what to do, ive been flipping all week. CEH isnt going to be dropping 2 points each week, but he just looks bad

Saquon and Zeke over Gibson. Although Saquon was limited at practice again. Might just be how they are going to treat him.

I’d stay away from Saquon for now. He hasn’t fully recovered from his knee surgery. The Kamara owner may be freaking out (unlikely). Start with Zeke and work your way down. Gibson would be a fine choice. I would try to sell Pitts over Gronk. As long as he can stay healthy, I think Gronk ends up as an upper half TE1 (TE5/6).

I think your hardcore tilting for someone only 2 weeks in, Mixon is a true 3 down back and Clyde (although doesn’t look great) is on a great team and should get quality opportunities. Mitchell could very well be the starting SF back ROS as long as Sermon continues to see little opportunity and do nothing with it, and should only be a matter of time before Williams overtakes Gordon for the lead role. Even if he doesn’t he’s still in a true 50/50 split which warrants flex consideration.

Not saying you can’t try and trade for an RB, you may just need clyde to have a bounce-back week before you can capitilize on his value. I think you can wait a week, see what clyde does, and if he does at least average or above you can package him with one of your TE’s or WR’s to get a quality RB2 back

The Zeke owner just reached out to me. He is down to do Zeke for CEH and Arob. Considering im deep at wideout, should I do that?

You can afford it, i think it’s overpaying a bit for zeke but you have the spare change to be able to shell out.

If you’re really that worried about your RB’s i think you can pull the trigger. Lamb and Terry are both WR1’s.

I am tilting hard, I just do not like CEH right now, and even if he does do better, I dont think it’ll be better than Zek ROS…

Hey, really appreciate you taking the time to write this all out. Do you think I should maybe just not trade this week, I do like my team its just CEH that is bothering me. Maybe if I go 0-3 then start to flip players. I am facing the owner who has CMC so I did get lucky with that.

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