Fixin up a trade here

Eight man Standard league. Here’s the trade I was thinking of doing.
Trade Away: Jared Goff, Ekeler, R.Woods
Trade For: Dalvin Cook and Allen Robinson III
Reason: He needs a QB cuz Ryan is on Bye. If he takes someone on the wire (depending on who it is) I could pick him up. Just wanted Dalvin Cook. Robinson wouldn’t be too bad of a pickup either.

His Roster:
QB: Matt Ryan
WR’s: OBJ, Mike Evans, Allen Robinson, Godwin, Lizard King
RB’s: Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones, Devonta Freeman, Philip Lindsay, Hunt, Damien Williams
TE: O.J. Howard
DEF: Dallas
K: Fairbairn

My Roster:
QB: Dak & Goff
WR’s: Julio, Amari Cooper, Tyreek Hill, Robert Woods, Kupp
RB’s: CMC, Chris Carson, Ekeler, Nick Chubb
TE’s: Evan Engram, Austin Hooper
K: Butker

Doesn’t hurt to try. But personally as a cook owner I view him as the 2nd best fantasy asset behind CMC so I’d ask for a lot. And a QB wouldn’t be the reason I trade him away.


Yeah, agreed with FFadvice. If I’m the other guy, I’m taking my chances on the wire and not giving you CMC and Cook on the same team.

Ekeler has to compete with Gordon for touches
Goff has been, “meh”
and Woods had 2 targets last week. You would have to sell him on the Cooks concussion thing and that Josh Reynolds was a fluke last week and Everett is too.
Would be a tough sell.
Would you be willing to think about a counter offer like this:
Kupp and Carson for Cook? OR Cooper and Carson for Cook? Because, if I am him, that’s what I am wanting for Dalvin Cook and nothing less.

@iNeedFFadvice @peterekleiner I am very weary on trading my “good” assets and taking a chance. I’m 6-2 (1st) and have scored 1077 points (next person has 900 points, and he’s 5-3), so I feel like I’m sitting fairly pretty on my roster, but I want to demolish the competition, and still be competitive

What do you think about Chubb? I picked up Jimmy G, cuz Goff has a bye and so does matty ice, so I picked up Jimmy because he has a fantastic matchup (maybe stafford going against oakland). the other two are still in there. I’ll see what he says

How did things turn out for this, @Mike_Hawk?

no way I would do this trade if I’m the Dalvin Cook side. he’s fairly hard to trade for as the owners are pretty attached at this point. you would have to give up a lot more than that. julio, amari, carson or tyreek would need to be part of it

He said no. I thought he’d bite because he’s new to fantasy, but he’s also a vikings fan, so yeah lol