Fixing my roster after poor draft - help please

Hi all,

It’s the first draft that I’ve done with keepers and I messed myself up with the players I kept and so the rounds I missed really. Any help on how to fix my roster on the waivers over the first few weeks or potential trades I could offer would be appreciated. It’s a footclan league so there aren’t any suckers to take advantage of and the usual suspects are off the board.

0.5 ppr.


QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB: S. Barkley
RB: J. Ajayi
RB: T. Coleman
RB: L. Murray
RB: F. Gore
RB: C. Ivory
WR: L.Fitzgerald
WR: M. Jones
WR: P. Garcon
WR: N. Agholor
WR: R. Grant
TE: J. Doyle
K: J. Tucker
DST: Vikings

How many teams?

I am not sure you messed up as much as you think. Your top two at RB / WR are find and your potential at WR looks pretty good. Your RBs look to be a bit of a mess, but not in potential. Just in weekly starts. Coleman / L Murry / Gore might be in bigger positions than we think and if the guy in front goes down for any time, you have an instant starter. Ivory is a sneaky get in the event Shady does not play.

Unless you can get someone who is going to see the field more, I am not sure who you would go for. Maybe package Murray and Coleman to go for someone with upside on the WR front. I think it is harder for people to evaluate cross-position so you might get more value there. Then use the same approach with two WRs to find that more solid RB.

I am not saying you should do that, as I do think your team is perhaps better than you are evaluating. I am offering a way to maybe get more value for the players in a trade. Same position is trickier to upgrade.

I would even consider waiting to see how things shape up. It is possible that you have enough depth as you are likely only looking at FLEX with any concern. But you easily have 2 FLEX players from either position as it stands.

I hope any of this helps!

Thanks so much. It’s a 12 team league. I appreciate the trade advice as well. You’ve spotted the problem straight away - I can’t see that I have many players that I would put in my starting line up, unless they break out in some way.

I’ll take your advice and not over react and see how things pan out in the first couple of weeks. I don’t think anyone is going to be that keen to trade straight away without me getting the worse end of the deal.

Thanks again.

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You are welcome. I would definitely not over-react at this point. I think you are right in that there is not many ways you could score big on a trade. Plus, if your guys pan out (which is a possibility) you will be set! No need to even look at trades :slight_smile:

The good news is you have a solid QB / RB1 / K / DST and really nice WR1/2 / RB2. Coupled with that potential, you are at a line up where you are really only looking to figure your FLEX. That might be a headache as on paper the players are all fairly level at the moment. However they are also players with the chance to take a bigger role than what can be seen presently.

Good luck!