Flacco or Bortles ROS? (via ERCOLAN0)

Nick Ercolano@BDGE.COM is singing Flacco’s praises right now. Was listing his upcoming weeks as gold!!! Just picked up Bortles to prepare for Russel’s upcoming BYE. Now wondering if I might need to be checking out Flacco!!!

Thanks bunches my friends for your thoughts!!!

I think Flacco is a mirage and dependent on the D he faces. He’s lived off completing long passes to brown and working the TE’s. The 2 decent D’s he faced Den and Cle wasn’t fantasy relevant. ROS I’d prefer Bortles. Bal is content to play conservative with a lead with their D. Flacco is still the same QB from last year and while he’s been solid a few weeks, I’m not buying in to him.

You follow my boy Nick? That’s awesome. He’s the best. I was one of his earliest subscribers on youtube and now we’re homies. Been trying to promote his stuff on these forums and get other people to follow him as well. I’m in that BDGE dynasty league and was there for the NYC BDGE live draft league. If you saw the live draft video, I’m in there :slight_smile:

As for the QB, give me Flacco ROS. He’s been great so far, gelling well with Smokey J and he has one of the best playoff schedules around. Perfect streamer candidate. But in Single QB leagues, you probably have better options until the playoffs.


Anyway…really love this guy NICK…and you’re right, he seems to be right more than not!!! LOL…now I know why I find your suggestions to be more on target than not!!! I thought the Ballers were hilarious…(and they are!!)! but…ROFL…NICK is LMAO HILARIOUS!!! LOVED HIS DENVER HOTEL POST!!!

As for (as he called him…“SMOKEY” brown), I’m thinking that’s prob Flacco’s “secret” weapon here on out…(long as he stays healthy). Thanks buddy…thinking seriously about looking hard at Flacco!!!

The suits one is his e-town get down main home league. I’m not in that one. I am the Live NYC BDGE Subscribers only draft weekend video. I’m the asian dude. Team in that league is pretty stacked right now, sitting in 1st.

He’s right a lot, wrong a lot like everyone else but I like him the most cause hes just a dude willing to put in the work, grinding. Giving out the facts and rationale for his analysis. Part of the reason why I am also very analytical in my approach is cause he rubbed off on me.

Yeah Smokey is the main reason for the success. Having that deep threat is pretty invaluable. Like I said though, Flacco although a decent streaming option in a lot of weeks, is by no means a season long hold. Neither is bortles. Just in comparison, I think he’s better and more reliable.

Putting in a lot of time on this stuff is where the " more right than wrong" comes from. So…there ya go!!! And…I try to put in a lot of time researching, studying, and analyzing my team vs my opponent each week and the ones for upcoming weeks. And though I’m not in money leagues…(GRRR…UNFORTUNATELY CAN’T AFFORD THOSE…I’m still determined!!!)

Too cool about you and NICK being in a league together!!! THAT’S JUST AWESOME!!! You both impress me with your thoughts and feelings that seem to be on target more often than not!!!

Did you mean Bortles or Flacco being more reliable? I initially took it to mean Bortles, but then after re-reading it wasn’t sure. Thanks again my friend. Oh and…PPR.

Forgot to say…CONGRATS on your top position. LOL…must be nice. :smirk: