Flash Gordon to the Pats

Do you guys see Gordon thriving in this offense even though there are lot of mouths to feed? Or is it better to trade him now with all the hype?

I don’t think there’s that many mouths to feed and you could see the frustration on Brady’s face on Sunday which is probably why they went out and got Gordon. I would trade him with all the hype.

If Gordon can stay healthy he’ll be a solid play, bit I’m worried about Hogan, espically when Edelman comes back.

Yea, it’ll be interesting to see how this is going to go forward. Hopefully, it’ll be like a Randy Moss situation. One can only hope~

I got offered dion lewis for him. Do I take it?

I got offered Devin Funchess for him. Do i take Scrumptious?

I don’t like the titans backfield so I don’t like this trade

Well as an idiot who tried to get cute and traded Cooper for Hogan, this makes me super worried.

Either this will be great for Hogan with more attention on Gronk and Gordon leaving Hogan free or Hogan will average 2 fantasy points a game especially once Edelman comes back.

But at least I still have the best RB in the game in Gurley and (hot take incoming) possibly the #1 overall fantasy WR in AJ Green to fall back on.

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I think you can do better. His value definitely went up knowing he’s getting passes from Brady. It’s crazy but Gordon for JuJu might be a possible flier.