Flash, Lamar & Howard for DJ & Manny Sanders?

Full pt ppr with bonuses for both long tds and yds over 100. The team I’m offering Gordon to has Brady. I have Melvin, Hunt, Chubb, Aaron Jones (and 4net in my IR) in addition to Howard and Miller as my RBS. I’ll eventually have to clear a roster spot for 4net so trying to think ahead. My other wrs are Hill, OBJ, JuJu and Goodwin. Should I bide my time for Howard to regain control in the colder months or bail on him and Miller now. For the record I like Gordon’s ceiling more than Sanders going forward.

Bump for any thoughts…

I don’t see why not. Although your team is pretty stacked already. I have faith in DJ and Sanders has been great this year, esp. in ppr. I’m not a big fan of Miller or Howard so I may be biased.

Thanks, apparently my offer was insufficient. I re-sent it with the addition of Taylor Gabriel but am doubtful he’ll accept. His team is stacked at wideout but beyond David Johnson and Kamara his RBS are Bilal IR, Alfred Phased out Morris and Nyheim Hines. He has Mike Evan’s, Hopkins, Alshon, Sanu and Sanders currently at wideout. I don’t think Gordon and Sanders are that far off with my preference being for Gordon’s higher ceiling. Basically I’m banking on DJ coming back to form with this offer and Howard and Miller not. I may be best served doing nothing and hoping at least Howard gets back to rb2 low end rb1 territory.