Flex 1, duke Johnson, michel, Aaron jones

Jones in right now, duke seems to have benefited from the coaching changes.

Ingram and hopper slumped it hard Thursday. Not sure if I’m looking for safe high floor or boom hard.


Aaron Jones for me, dude can bust any run in to a touchdown

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Drop Duke for gus and flex gus? Flacco out, and Collins is questionable.

You can drop duke for Gus Edwards but I would still flex Aaron Jones

Yeah, Jones has that look when he runs, his match-up just sticking in my head. Need a dub this week to keep me in the runnings.

Let’s go!

Rather have gus or Josh Adam’s? Both on waivers

Bumping latest question.

Gus’s schedule may be slightly better than Adam’s but the carries are staggering.

I still go Gus Edwards too many mouths in the eagles offense at the RB position

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Scooping that mf