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Flex Advice... Diggs or Montgomery?


.5 PPR… Who should I Flex

T. Montgomery vs Sea
S.Diggs vs NO

Thanx in advance


I have Montgomery in a couple leagues but am not excited about starting him this week against Seattle.

I’d do Diggs this week and see how Ty performs under pressure


I’m definitely bias cuz I think Diggs is gonna go off this season. I’m starting him tho. Ty will be solid I’m sure. Diggs just seems to have more upside


Montgomery hands down.


I’d say Montgomery…

Diggs relies on Bradford who is having knee trouble. If he goes out you’re screwed…


I have Diggs, if I had Ty, I’d definitely play him, even if Bradford was 100%. The Falcons Def cryptonite is pass catching RB.

[Edit] RTFQ, week 1 was obviously Diggs. :slight_smile: