Flex advice pick one

My RB’s are David Johnson and Melvin Gordon.

Need to pick one flex between:

Phillip Lindsay
Derrick Henry
Tevin Coleman

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Since you have 2 high upside plays I would go safe and play Lindsay. If you’re feeling risky I would definitely pick Derrick Henry.

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I agree that you have to solid floor players so depends on whether you need to swing that fence or just hold steady, Coleman will have the backfield to himself which isn’t true of the Henry and Lindsay. But championship week id love to have a high floor player like Lindsey on MNF. So if you need that homerun game id say Henry/Coleman if you just want a higher floor id lean Lindsey

@hickmanrc34 @Fobbyp I am projected to lose by 12 so looking for upside. I like Lindsay on Monday because my opponent has no one left but I have him in and projected to lose. He has Mahomes, Gurley, CMC, Kelce and Bears D.

I have those guys I mentioned above plus Tyreek, Edelman and Ertz. Gonna be an interesting matchup to say the least. Need a home run or Gurley to sit/be limited. Hoping Cam out they key in on the run and shut CMC down

im in the same boat im playing against CMC & Gurley myself! I don’t see projecting to win changing no matter who you put in I think your looking for the guy who has the highest chance to boom this week and I would say with the way the TITANS are just hammering the ball with Henry be hard not to march him out there and crossy our fingers

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So you have confidence playing David Johnson?

I’m feeling shaky about starting Lindsay myself. He’s had 2 poor outings (he scored in 1 so that saved him a bit) and I think it’s because without Sanders and D. Thomas, defenses can focus on stopping Lindsay.

In your shoes I’d probably start Henry.

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Yes the Rams defense you can run on and with his upside that’s what I need

That’s where I’m stuck too he’s trending downward for me in almost every category which worries me. It also worries me to start Derrick Henry and he put up a dud and lose me the week while Lindsay has 130 and 2 TD’s against that poor Oakland defense

Good luck we’re in for a tough one. Here’s to hoping Gurley sits and CMC doesnt do much with Newton out and the D keying in on him.

Can I really trust Derrick Henry in a title game? I just feel crazy lol

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I need to know the concensus on this one as well. Got Henry now, but…picked up McGuire, then dropped him for Henry. Geez-Louise…I’m flip-flopping like crazy here!!!

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Once again @Deima89…your feedback and thoughts are MORE APPRECIATED THAN YOU PROBABLY AND CAN POSSIBLY KNOW!!!

LOL…will prob be happier than all the years I’ve been doing FFB to see this year end!!! I’m about standing on my head here!!! :cold_face:

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Henry just got 34 touches last game… he (along w/ titans D) is the reason that the Titans are playing well and have won back to back. They’re not gonna suddenly cut him to 12 touches. They gonna ride that train so they don’t get fired.

MCGuire is a desperate flex play. If you’re deciding between guys like Gus edwards, Dante pettis (who is a beast but not his time yet) and Elijah then that’s a conversation. But when you’re talking about a guy that has 408 yards and 6 TDs in the last 2 games; where the entire offense has shifted to revolve around, you almost have to play him. He should take precedence over anyone who hasn’t operated as a RB1 or high end RB2.

Gonna keep going here… Especially when the game script should favor him! Washington is so depleted that the Titans should be up and be trying to run out the clock

I agree with you here but to your point for the majority of the season outside 2 weeks Lindsay has been an RB1/RB2. And he’s playing a poor Raiders defense. This is a tough one for me. I also think Coleman could have a good game with Ito Smith out as well. I have been burned and witnessed so many others get burned by Henry before it’s hard to wipe that from the memory and play him in a must win situation

Oh I think there is definitely an argument for Lindsay. I was just saying against a random flex the move would be Henry. I’m pretty split between the two of them.

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