Flex Advice: Watkins or Coleman or Gillislee

Week on is stressing me out at the flex/WR spot

I got McCaff and Freeman as my starting RBs - hard to complain
Hogan (with eddleman on the bench) & robert woods starting at WR

currently for my Flex i have Sanu (he’s been solid as a flex for 3 years, hard to give up on him now) but that last spot is in question.

I have Sammy Watkins, Tevin Coleman, Gillislee on the bench as consideration for my second flex spot.

I don’t want to believe in Watkins out of the gate in week 1, but maybe? I’m nervous about running freeman and coleman together tonight (especially playing Sanu as well).

Any advice? Im between coleman and watkins but also just picked up Gillislee and he’s the only other back for the Saints right now

You have alot of Falcons there, but Philly might not have the best week judging by all the recent injury news. I just made a different post defending Tevin Coleman, I think he is way too underrated. I’d go Coleman simply because he has a proven history of getting points. We don’t now what to expect from Watkins or Gillislee yet.

Coleman all day, hes proven his self time and time again. I believe theyre going to keep using him in the red zone. expect him to do good tonight.

that’s what i’m thinking - just the amount of falcons that aren’t julio jones makes me nervous

agree with you on watkins and gillislee - it’s just hard to imagine gilliselee not making some noise against the bucs unless they ride Alvin. Think i may throw coleman in though and hope he catches some passes. Its a full PPR league so maybe it’s best to play him for the catch/run ability and just incase freeman goes down

would you keep sanu as well? my only other flex options are the ones i listed and then C. Clay which i’m stashing for bye week sine I’m in a 14 team league - and then eddelman who isn’t playing and moncrief as a stash and hold just to see what happens with him on a new offense

See what happens week 1 first, we don’t know too much yet.

You play Coleman?