Flex advice

Digging deep for Flex, options are:

When I’m stuck I generally go with the who has get the best upside qb throwing to them. Which in this case would be Kamara. The saints Panthers game also has the highest o/u out of your matchups. I feel like hurns and kearse might have a lil bit higher floors but I think kamara has better upside especially if the Panthers front seven forces brees to pass

Thanks, really helpful info there!

I’m almost tempted to say written. He has been a monster for 2 weeks. Only problem is, the show has to end for him sooner than later, and I’m banking on sooner. There just is no way father time can keep that up. In digging kearse here though honestly. He has a ton of upside. Downfall, a horrible offense. I won’t even consider burns because… well… ravens. And I like kamara this week too. But when in doubt for me, I’ll usually go the steady floor with a high upside. And that’s kearse. Written too, his upside just isn’t as high. Higher floor though.