Flex advise please

Good morning,
I need your help.
Who should I start at the flex?
Robert Woods @panthers
Joe Mixon @seahawks
My matchupprojection is nearly at 50%-50%.
Thank you very much.
Regards Josh

Well it is hard to decide BUT I like Woods in this one more because it’s going to be a close game between panthers and rams and it is expected to be a potential shootout.

On the other hand Mixon is a very good RB. What are your other RBs ?

Thank you very much…
Barkley and K. Johnson
Juju and Cooks

Holy shit. that are some decent starters. but I would start Woods and Juju over Juju and Cooks and then start Mixon over Cooks to spread it a little. I prefer Woods over Cooks but I might be wrong.

Thank you for this advise…
Tough decision anyway.

Really tough on that but I would go Mixon in the flex and start Juju and Woods as well. I feel that it’s just a toss up between Woods and Cooks which one gives you more value so it could change week to week!