Flex Baldwin or Morris? On th edge!

I’m leaning towards Baldwin against the 49ers but Morris is also a good play against the Chargers. Help push me over the edge please footclan!

I typically like going RB in the flex but Baldwin has a great matchup against the niners, so I lean Baldwin this week

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Same here, that’s why I’m leaning on the edge. Hoping he finally goes off this week against a bad secondary lol.


I’m hoping the same man. I have a dilemma as well… trying to figure out which 2 to start: Mike Evans, Julio Jones or Doug Baldwin? It’s standard scoring and currently leaning Julio and Evans but considering switching Baldwin and Evans out. Any advice?

That’s tough, Julio is the obvious start like you said but Evans and Baldwin are very similar to their team. The matchups are there for both also. I think I’d go Baldwin because he has the higher upside and Seattle needs to win games from this point forward. I think Wilson plays smart and gives the ball to his best.

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Very good input, I think the reason I have Evans in is becuse Fitzpatrick loads him up with targets (10 last week) and I also have jimmy graham so I try not to play off 2 pass catchers in the same team if that makes sense

Yeah that makes sense especially when Graham and Baldwin steal each other’s red zone targets

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