Flex: Callaway or Cooper?

Who to start at the Flex position at a 1/2 PPR ?

Antonio Callaway or Amari Cooper

I weirdly feel Callaway is the safer play!

I’d go with Callaway.

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Callaway. They’re both high upside guys with pretty low floors. Who has the better chance of hitting big? My guess is Callaway.

Judging by how many people are deciding to sit Cooper, I have a feeling he’s going to decide to show up and go off for 20 receptions 200 yards (and his typical 0 TD’s) while sitting on everyone’s bench. That would be the most Amari-like thing to do.


Cooper owners working out the start/sit logic

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I started Callaway this week… Fingers crossed it works out for me

I hope it does. I want to see the Browns start embarrassing teams left and right haha. Until it’s no longer considered embarrassing.