Flex Davis or Boyd?

Biggest toss up for me this year every week it seems LOL

I don’t like either too much this week but it’s the best I got…

Both have tough match ups… potentially high volume… #1 pass game options for their teams… Davis has been inconsistent on an inconsistent offense but has 1st round pick type talent… Boyd has been better overall this year, but has Driskel trying to throw him the ball.

I might just flip a coin

Bump please. Need some input on this. I asked Miss Cleo and even she couldn’t help me…

Go Boyd. Jags got their swagger back last week and Jalen is going to shut Davis down.

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Thanks! This just occurred to me, doesn’t Boyd operate out of the slot most of the time? That would mean he would be avoiding the coverage of both Heyward and King, right?

He does do a lot in the slot, yes.