Flex decision, benched clement please help

So probably like a lot of people I benched clement after hearing he was going to be on a pitch count last night. Sooo who I have to work with is Adrian Peterson, Ronald Jones, and Callaway. Who do you think is the best flex, .5 ppr

Ryan grant is also on the waivers

Ronald Jones. Adrian is a glass ceiling waiting to shatter (not in a good way) Callaway don’t trust him. Ronald has a nice matchup this week and would be a solid Flex.

I’m just hesitant to play him without any significant play time to see if he’ll actually be effective. The over/under on that game is definitely tempting though

Looking at all the players I would say Ronald. He is outouching Barber who hasn’t had any postitivity for the team. Calloway has had one good game the rest terrible. Peterson scares me and I believe the skins will be throwing a lot. Totally get what you are saying but to help maybe narrow it down to two players. Running backs will always get more touches and when in goaline positions are your go to.

I benched him too smh luckily I had Wentz and Jeffrey so I got something from the game, anyways I agree I’d say Ronald Jones

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Awesome, thanks. TB really needs to up their running game I hope Ronald can do it lol