Flex Decision - Breida v. Clement

Clearly, this is only a decision if Ajayi is inactive, but who would you choose?

Breida will be in negative game script and will probably catch a lot of balls and still get some good runs in.

Clement will be facing the Colts, with a starting QB playing his first game of the year off an ACL injury.

I wouldn’t be so confident in the game script in KC. That’s more likely to happen, but you can’t bank on it. I would go Clement I think, but Breida would still be a solid play. I bet they both get 12-15 touches. Clement is just on a better team with a better offense and offensive line.

Well then I could make this even easier, do I trade Clement to the Ajayi owner for Chris Thompson, secure season long value and give the Ajayi owner the handcuff to his injured starter?

I like Breida, but only if Ajayi is actually Out. It feels like Eagles are playing injury report games and he might end up playing somewhat fine/unencumbered on Sunday. If he isn’t Out then Breida is your guy.

In PPR, absolutely imo.

If sproles and ajayi sit out I’m on clement all day

Alright decison made-
1.Try to trade Clement to Ajayi owner for Chris Thompson (PS - .5 PPR) start Breida
2. Ajayi is inactive - Start Clement
3. Ajayi is active - Start Breida