Flex decision: tilting hard guys

I’m sitting here with two flex spots and I’m unsure who to play. Between edelman, mostert, Perrimman, Mack, mattison/Boone, who would you guys throw in this week? (Pick 2)

Mostert and Perriman for me.

Would usually go Mostert and Edelman, but I think Edelman is hurt. He looked awful last week, and has a tough matchup vs. the Bills this week.

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Mostert and Mack for me…
I always lean RB in the flex due to volume of touches.
The Mattison/Boone combo is very interesting though too if you have both guys on your team.

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you guys think Mostert will be able to run on the Rams and get the volume required? I trying to make up my mind on either Mostert, Thielen, Shepard in the flex. I also have both Mattison and Boone so that is potential play as well

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Perriman and Boone if Mattison/Cook sit

Perriman and Mostert if Mattison and/or Cook play