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Flex Decision?


J. Landry (40)
B. Allen (41)
D. Martin (48)

Full point PPR. The numbers are the ballers Flex ranking for PPR.


Bump up my post


I think I’d prob have to go with Buck on that one. Kinda close with Landry, but yeah…prob Buck Allen.


Thanks. That’s what I got. I was just thinking if Parker is out maybe go with Landry.


Yeah. Was just going with who some of the experts other than the ballers were looking at.


Devante Parker is out so that’s a tilt in favor of Landry who gets plenty of targets anyway so is good in PPR.


Yeah man. Dadgummit…LOL…always the late news coming out…kinda blows your whole last couple of days of strategy planning. BUT…I’d say…either way…probably won’t be a terrible choice. Wishing you the best in your final decision.


The rest of my lineup is on point this week. They are both safe plays this week.


Good job!!!


Safest play in my opinion in Landry. You know the dude is getting 10+ targets almost guaranteed