Flex Decisions Cooks Vs Michel Vs Boyd

Need some help deciding on who to flex this week, options are Sony Michel, Tyler Boyd, and Brandon Cooks. Currently torn between Michel and Cooks but keep going back and forth. Full PPR

I would say Michel just because he is likely the safest bet. But I will admit I am slightly biased as I always lean towards RB

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Must be a good team if these are FLEX decisions. Agree Michel is the safest, but like all three this week.

It is a very good team, but I’m not going to lie a lot of the people in the league are either really bad or just don’t care and it’s starting to frustrate me. Trade offers will go unanswered and I look on the waiver wire and there’s me and another guy who are active weekly. Of these three Cooks was the only one I drafted, the other two were off waivers so it’s not due to my skill that my team is so good

And I agree with what you’re saying, Michel has the highest floor but Cooks always has that ability to pop off for 100+ yards and 2 TDs so it’s probably going to be a game time coin flip come Sunday

only concern would be cooks coming off the concussion. They would likely be quick to sit him down if he takes a big hit.

Agreed. That’s why I think I’m going to go Michel, even though he’s also a little banged up

Michel is a must play IMO