FLEX - Deebo or AB

Full PPR. I’ve been back and forth all week on who to start. Leaning Deebo with the huge target share

I’d probably go AB here. I don’t think Deebo maintains that level of share and I think Eagles d is quite a bit superior to lions.

But if you believe in Deebo and week 1 gives you plenty to justify it then you go with your guy. I know reassurance is a good thing but you don’t need to justify your selections. If you think Deebo scores most fire him up

Also food for thought Aiyuk will be back in the starting lineup splitting time with the guy opposite of Deebo. I have the same decision in one of my leagues as well. I lean AB because Atlanta’s defense is pretty bad but if Deebo is your guy role with him, even though he is back I don’t think Aiyuk will take too many targets away.

AB hands down this week he’s going to torch Atlanta. SF is a run first club

Coin flip! AB has great potential but a lot of competition for targets, Deebo I mean his target share off the charts last week and as long as healthy he’s a man :slight_smile:

Roster dependent - if you have a lot of reliable, but low ceiling guys play Deebo since he is more boom/bust. AB probably more of a sure thing, but lower ceiling if that’s what you need.