Flex delima!

considering between: T.Coleman, J.Adams, and C.Samuel (wr) in Half-PPR playoff matchup

Adams: great volume, capped upside, toughest matchup
Coleman: average volume, recently bad, average matchup
Samuel: increasing volume, highest upside (NBA Jam ‘On :fire:’), good CB matchup, Cam’s shoulder

Ppr if go Samuel

just updated the OP; it’s Half-PPR

So ya Samuel for sure imo

Cam’s shoulder health not enough to worry about?

I dont like it… You could tell the hail Mary attempt showed he had shoulder issues.
But I see dal jumping up big against Philly and them needing to throw more. Which would be more sproles or Clement.
And colemans game is suppose to be freezing cold. And he really hasnt been producing lately .
So yea out of the 3 id still go samuel

cannot disagree with you there