Flex Desision?

Would you rather play Lindsay or Cole in flex this week? I also have Stills. .5PPR scoring

Anyone? Please help

Hi, Keelan Cole?

Yes Lindsay vs. Keelan cole. I feel like Lindsay has the higher floor but cole has such a higher ceiling

completely agree. Id play lindsay. He will tear up that Jets defense. Also everyone is expecting mahomes to come out and shred the jags defense so that the jags have to throw the ball a lot but i do not see this happening. I think the jags will control the pace of play just like they did against the pats and the chiefs in fact will be chasing the entire game.

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Plus cole has been having to share targets with the other Jags WRs, its so hard to tell who will have a good game. Iā€™m probably going to flex Lindsay. Thanks!