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Flex dilemma: 1 from 3


Up against the league leader and his high powered team. Standard scoring. My 3 options are:

Aaron Jones
Greg Olsen
Josh Gordon

Tempted by Gordon’s upside but Olsen has a nice match up. Who would you go for?


I would go gordon


Flex? Take Olsen out. I am going to say Jones. Gordon has big play upside but TItans D is not terrible. White and Edleman get so many targets.


If it’s ceiling your after Gordon is definitely the play, A Jones might be safer but if this is a high scoring opponent you need to swing for the fences.


I’m team Gordon. Playing against him this week and am very scared about it. Jones is a good option too, but I think Gordon’s upside is better and they have very similar floors.


Thanks everyone. Going to go for Gordon - my opponent had McCaffrey so need to chase those points now!


Gordon gets my vote for ceiling also