Flex dilemma - who do I start?

DJ Moore
Josh Gordon
Josh Jacobs
Austin Hooper

I’m currently starting Jacobs (mainly because I’m going to the game today), but I think he’s probably a terrible play. I hate starting Gordon though, and I’m worried about Moore since Cam went down. Don’t think I’ve ever started a TE in the flex before but it could be the best play here?

Hooper for sure I’d play in flex. Target monster!!!
I’m curious…Who do you have as your starting TE?

Jacobs wouldn’t be bad too if he plays.

Waller. My draft actually autopicked Hooper by accident so I was super annoyed as I wanted Anderson in that round (7) - worked out well!

Feels so weird picking TE at flex so I’m gonna go Jacobs just for the novelty of being in the stadium!