Flex discussion: Ridley, Michel, Breida, Johnson or Crowell

Ok I have a discussion between flex players. A lot of favorable match ups…but unsure about who looks best. (Full PPR)

WR: Calvin Ridley
RB: Sony Michel
RB: Matth Breida
RB: Kerryon Johnson
RB: Isaiah Crowell

Thoughts on matchups, volume etc. I have played Ridley last week but I keep expecting him to fall back to earth due to lower volume. Michel looks the part but small sample size and little to do in the passing game. Johnson is best back for the Lions looking to get more work, but how much can he really get with the passing game. and Crowell always seems to be a TD dependent play.

Who do you prefer? Thank for input and help!

Sony Michel, Pats playing Indy on thursday night football, AT HOME!?

He’ll essentially be bell cow for the game,

signed - someone starting michel @RB2 in both my leagues

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Yeah my biggest concern with Ridley (TD machine) and the others are volume. Michel seems to be most likely to get the volume. More input is appreciated, thanks jtess for your opinion. This is the way I seem to be leaning if other people don’t have opposing input.