Flex Dj Moore or Sony Michel

Full ppr, who do I start?

I lean dj moore just based on the upside of WRs in full point leagues compared someone like sony michel who gets a good majorittty of his points on the ground. Also Moore’s got a fantastic match up in TB one I feel is better than Michels match up.

Ok thanks.
Start Michel over Mack vs jags or vice versa?

D.j. Moore all day !

I think I would have to agree. Moore. And @smrit8, I would prob go Michel. Mack worries me at this point. TOO injury prone. And this coming from someone that drafted him.

I’m pretty much done with Mack at this point!!! :unamused:

Moore. That secondary he is playing is the worst of the worse right now. He’s going to do well. Funchess is pretty much out of the way.