Flex downstairs mixup... playoffs!

Need some advice for my FLEX… Picked up Ware but keep hearing he’s a bust this week, I have josh adams as well and Zay Jones… Who should I start??

Is this standard, .5, whole PPR? It may not matter overall, but just curious. Of those 3, Ware definitely has the best floor. Jones theoretically has the highest ceiling being the only receiver worth throwing too and playing a terrible NYJ team, but his production has only been good 3 weeks this year. If you need some guaranteed points, go with Ware. If you need the playmaking, go with Jones.

Avoid Adams this week - DAL has been crushing the run.

I might not need a huge ceiling cause last night my opponent had Yeldon, its a Full PPR, Idk Zay might be a good start to over compensate for the points he didnt get… Only thing that worries me with Ware is Idk how many goal line carries he will get and playing against BAL could be tough