Flex Feedback please

Boyd v Mia
Hyde v Bal
A Jones v Det

Full ppr. Need decent upside. Leaning Boyd or AJ with a slight hint of KJ.

I’d say Boyd. He’s averaging 20+ points over the past 3 weeks and, with Eifert out, he’s in line to get even more.

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I like Boyd. He has been getting a decent amount of looks from Dalton. Ross and Eifert are out so that’s good. MIA also had some injuries to their secondary so even if they are out there they may not be playing 100%

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Thank you gents. That’s who’s in the spot now. Will leave him there.

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I would go boyd with all the volume hes been getting. He has more upside to me than Jones in a game I think will be pass heavy and the packers going to Montgomery

I say Aaron Jones… especially if Davante does play

Correction Doesnt*