Flex for this week

Here is my lineup for this week
QB: Watson
WR: Dez
WR: Crabtree
WR: Parker
RB: Ajayi
RB: A Jones
Flex: Sanu/Abdullah
BN: Lee, Gordon(Bye), Morris, Woodhead (IR)

My question is my opponent is missing a decent amount of starters, I know Abdullah hasn’t played well recently but do I flex him or bench him for sanu who has a harder matchup?
Also: Should I look to move Ajayi for an Elite RB by pairing up Jones and Ajayi or trade him one on one? Thanks!

Bump need some help

I’d go Sanu all day.

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The matchup is there for Ameer, and he does get the goal line work. If you’re looking for upside go with Sanu but I think Ameer will have a solid 7+ points.

When has Abdullah gotten GL work? They bring in Washington every play around the GL last week.

Matchup is there with Abdullah but Sanu and Ryan seem to be connecting but I’m not sure with the hard matchup

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My matchups Flex is Mack, who has the bad matchup so should I just use Abdullah?

@Caveman45 Well he’s only played week 1 and week 8 so far this year so…AND I’m pretty sure he’s in concussion protocol? Or is that a different Washington I’m thinking of? Start Mr. Ameer.

You’re right I didn’t notice that until now, I will start him. He still puts up a decent amount of points so I hope this is his get right game. Should I continue to play Ajayi despite the matchup with gordon out?

Is that Alfred Morris on your bench? In a flex spot I would put him in. He’s suppose to be the starter and getting most of the work. But if you’re asking for the two that you have in there now, I would go Sanu is .5 or full point PPR formats. Other than his injury he is getting a lot of work and pretty consistent

Full PPR and that is correct Alfred Morris, I’m just not sure about him yet cause I want to see if the suspension is upheld for certain and if their is a split of time between the two backs.

Didn’t even see you had Morris there. I would play him over Ameer or Sanu.

You guys are confident in Morris and him being the certain lead back (regardless of being named starter)

He’ll be sharing with McFadden and possibly Smith. Ameer would split with Theo. Dallas has the #1 O-line. At the end of the day it’s on your gut lol I’d flex Morris. Good luck man!

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I’ll be in the minority and suggest Alfred Morris. He’s got Jones’ endorsement. He’s been the back-up throughout. He passes the eye-ball test. Running behind that Cowboys line? Yup. Start him.

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Even against KC?

KC is surprisingly bad against the run. There’s talk of a split but there’s no doubt as of now that Morris will get the first crack. Those first few carries will be crucial: if he succeeds with them, I feel they’ll take the hot-hand approach and roll with him because Garrett has shown a preference for a bell-cow over a committee. I feel like Morris, against that defense, will do well.

If you’re playing match-up and want upside? Morris.

If you’re playing for safety? Sanu will get you a guaranteed 10-12 points.

I like Ameer Abdullah but they don’t use him properly, for whatever reason it is. I don’t think that line is good enough for him to succeed. Talent is there, supporting cast and play-calling isn’t.

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Thank you for breaking it down. I think I will run with Morris after all I have him just sitting on my bench.

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