Flex Freeman or Coleman

is Coleman gonna take over or is the share too much and I should roll with D. Freeman??? Let’s have it fellas and ladies. Thank you.

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An interesting situation between old teammates. Coleman get the Rams who are middle of the pack vs RYpG allowed(93.2). Since the 49rs use the FB more than anyone (54%) and they’ve lost their FB, the situation lends itself to Coleman’s skillset.
Freeman gets ARZ who allow 5.6 yards per touch to RB over the past 4 weeks. He’s been avg over 17 touches per game over that span.
So do you put your hopes on a bad offensive line in ATL or with a team that lost their top run blocker( the highest paid in league)?
I tend to lean towards Freeman.
Coleman just back from injury has been preparing for a particular run scheme that’s taken a huge loss. Juscyczk opened up a lane for an 80+ yd TD on the first possession!
Freeman is lining up for what his team has been dealing with all year
I could see SF having to play catch-up and abandoning the power run

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Hey Bossman.
Recent development
Just a thought. Gurley probably out. I have M.Brown sitting in my bench. Does he get the flex over Coleman or Freeman???

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Did you hear the 49rs lost another starting tackle? Knee scope, 4-6 weeks. All these injuries have got to catch up to them. I’ve got a similar dilemma. I own Brieda and Freeman as well. I was hoping to ride Brieda a bit but I’ve got to reconsider a few things

Yeah with a banged up line and sharing touches with Coleman I’d be worried about breida too.
Do you think with Gurley out, M.Brown this week should be above Coleman or Freeman

I would’ve said yes but I just read he hasn’t practiced the two previous days. That’s concerning regardless of what Harbaugh says. WR with a bad ankle isn’t good. I’d rank your three:
Hollywood* (if he plays)

Not Hollywood. Malcom Brown. Gurley backup

I think all three are good options this week (assuming Gurley doesnt play). The niners run the ball more than anyone so I think both Breida and Coleman are safe. Freeman probably the safest since you know what you are getting with him and the Cards D is no good

That’s the first of two times today I made that stupid mistake. I keep forgetting that guys name and assuming the question is about Hollywood. My bad

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@mFedj I agree with the Freeman call. But 49rs we’re down a starting tackle before last weeks run stomp. They’ve lost 2 run blockers since then: Juscyczk and the other starting tackle. That’s got to effect them somehow

it definitely could, but Shanahan really likes to get the RBs involved so I think he finds ways to do that regardless. Plus last time Shanahan and Coleman were together Coleman put up his best numbers with the Falcons while playing second fiddle to Freeman


@mFedj you’re absolutely right. I had them both and enjoyed some minor success running them simultaneously…when Coleman wasn’t hurt, which was rare. I hope you’re right. I have Brieda and was looking forward to some “set-it-and-forget-it” time

Love this forum!!! Thank you guys

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Haha me too

fingers crossed! I actually just traded away coleman although I did not want to. Got Bell and DJ Moore for Coleman and Gordon. Hurt me to sit on Coleman and Gordon all year and reap no benefits, but couldnt pass the opportunity to get Bell

Any hate you for getting Bell. He get all the offense there.

Right, but what’s done is done. You can’t get the points retroactively and if shipping them helps you now, ya gotta do it. I’m dreading shipping some my dead weight today. But it’s gotta be done :frowning:

I’m happy to let someone have Bell. He doesn’t have the the supporting cast or game plan he had here in Pittsburgh. Plus I live in Pittsburgh. F*** that guy! 15 minutes after we got embarrassed in the playoffs, he’s on Twitter looking for people to play Call of Duty with. Yeah I’m bitter. Yeah he’s a beast. But the Jets suck!

haha I understand your pain. Being as bad as the browns have been for so long I harbor plenty of hate for plenty of players and coaches lol. Bell gets a lot of work and catches though, think it will be hard for him to not end up a top 5 back.

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Yeah the volume is there, and the position is just diluted enough this season you may be right. I’m guessing between 7-12th though. Lots of catch up.

Bro, the Browns have the best fans. Terrible team for decades and your Dawg Pound is stuffed, every seat. It almost seems ‘ironic’, like, super fans BECAUSE the team is so bad.