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Flex Freeman or Coleman

I was pulling for Baker this year. He almost put the Steelers in the playoffs last year. Even though we didn’t deserve it

yeah we do have an unbelievable fan base. Every year they would find something to hold onto for hope. Even through the Hue years haha. I think a lot of people were pulling for Baker before the year started. Lately its been a little too much talk and BS and not enough on field performance. Cant be an arrogant prick if you arent going to be a great QB. not all his fault, o-line is bad (shouldnt have traded Zietler) and Kitchens is still figuring out the play call. Lot of time left and an easy 2nd half schedule should bode well for us!

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Yeah too many HULU commercials for Baker. I guess that O line better think about selling those jet skis for plane tickets if they don’t get it together