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Flex frustrations


Ty going down hurt my team and I’m backed up against it this week.

Should I sit A. Cooper and go instead with J J Nelson (Palmer is QB this week)? Or instead run out either James White or Theo Riddick in my flex spot? It is a full point ppr…


No way I’m starting Cooper against Denver and if you need boom, JJ Nelson is your guy. White will probably provide a safe floor but Carolina’s excellent LB’s scare me. Riddick has a bad matchup too.


Call me a contrarian, but I would have to start coops. I’m so sick of these broncos intimidating every wr start. I’M NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!!



Copper will definitely be a boom/bust in this game. Personally, I would start Cooper. Would I be happy about it … No lol But, chances are that you invested a high draft pick on Cooper, and I’m ok with starting my studs and having them under perform. What I am not ok with is watching them blow up as they sit on my bench.


I am not convinced Cooper is WR1 talent. He makes too many mistakes. If you are backed into a corner I’d take JJ for the boom potential. Cooper’s boom is very limited due to the limited red zone work, where as JJ has targets there.


The match-up for JJ is also pretty tempting. And, with the Palmer stack it may pay out. I do feel weird sitting a ‘stud.’