Flex ?: Gibson, RoJo, or Crowder?

Really not sure who to go with. Crowder is probably the low ceiling higher floor option? Or is it worth risking it for one of the RBs? If so, who do you guys like better ?

Thanks !

Im fairly high on gibson getting a full workload rojo has a unknown split with mccoy and fournette.
Crowder is like you said low ceiling high floor but id probably start him first and see if gibson can handle what they are going to give him

Yeah I think you’re probably right. Let me give you my full lineup and you can tell me if you think its worth risking it with Gibson. (12 team superflex league btw)

QB: Brady
RB: Clyde Edwards-Helaire
RB: Kenyan Drake
WR: Jarvis Landry
WR: Lockett
TE: Andrews
Superflex: Cousins/Tyrod Taylor (not sure who i want rn)
RB/WR Flex: ____

Thanks for the advice man!

if this is only a week 1 question i think i might start gibson with the jets playing the bills that defense isnt one that just gives up big plays washington is at home playing the eagles not a ton better but i think i like that match up more tough call pretty close toss up to me

yeah but crowder carved them up twice last year so its a weird call for sure. Thanks

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