Flex Ginn or Woodhead in PPR?

Do I got with the floor or the potential boom of Ginn? I already played Hunt & Hill so I am not sure if I should go with the sure thing in Woodhead. Or, take the risk on Ginns upside?

Brees on the road though. Woodhead is safe since he’ll be Flacco’s security blanket.


I am wondering if it’s okay to take the risk on Ginn since I have a bit of a safe floor with Hill & Hunt getting me off to a safe lead…

Woodhead for sure. He’s going to be a monster this year, and as another poster said, when NO is away, that’s a tiebreaker.

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While there are some unknowns in Baltimore, I still think Woodhead is the safer bet. Ginn is definitely boom or bust and worth a gamble if you have a margin for error and can still win.

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I guess I am thrown off by how low the FFB rankings have woodhead…

This is very true. With the QB situation in Bmore and being on a new team, I get it. However, Woodhead seems to be traditionally undervalued and typically performs well, not usually lights out though. Ginn has the biggest bang potential, but he also notoriously drops balls.

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Well… I am glad at 12:59 I pulled Woodhead out and put Ginn in…

Yeah. That injury sucked. Woodhead looked like he was going to have a strong day with 33 yards receiving already and 1 carry.