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Flex Ginn or Woodhead in PPR?


Do I got with the floor or the potential boom of Ginn? I already played Hunt & Hill so I am not sure if I should go with the sure thing in Woodhead. Or, take the risk on Ginns upside?


Brees on the road though. Woodhead is safe since he’ll be Flacco’s security blanket.


I am wondering if it’s okay to take the risk on Ginn since I have a bit of a safe floor with Hill & Hunt getting me off to a safe lead…


Woodhead for sure. He’s going to be a monster this year, and as another poster said, when NO is away, that’s a tiebreaker.


While there are some unknowns in Baltimore, I still think Woodhead is the safer bet. Ginn is definitely boom or bust and worth a gamble if you have a margin for error and can still win.


I guess I am thrown off by how low the FFB rankings have woodhead…


This is very true. With the QB situation in Bmore and being on a new team, I get it. However, Woodhead seems to be traditionally undervalued and typically performs well, not usually lights out though. Ginn has the biggest bang potential, but he also notoriously drops balls.


Well… I am glad at 12:59 I pulled Woodhead out and put Ginn in…


Yeah. That injury sucked. Woodhead looked like he was going to have a strong day with 33 yards receiving already and 1 carry.